I am going to sell a nice Tiger I kit, which includes many upgrade parts. I wont have time and interest anymore to build it... :(

    Metal lower hull + metal road wheels with rubber
    Walthersons gearbox
    Metal sprockets and idler wheels
    Taigen metal tracks
    Upper hull with Asiatam recoil and metal gun
    Rear back plate
    Plastic Upper Hull Tow Cables
    Metal turret cupola
    Metal hatches
    Metal headlight set
    Tiger1 Metall Motordeck
    Metal exhaust kit
    Metal tool set
    Tiger I - Tower ventilation metal
    Aber muzzle brake 16 L08
    HL Tiger I Turret Adapter from Ludwig Hobby

    The new price would be 540 EUR, i am going to sell it for 320 EUR total incl shipping!
    Paypal accepted as a friend/familiy.

    If you are interested, please write me to denesatti1972@gmail.com.
    More pictures: rcpilot.hu/gall/adok_veszek_ke…0191119/elado_holmik.html

    Thanks: Attila